Here is your new pen Mr Bond

Here is your new pen Mr Bond
James, while you are in the field you must keep your smartphone charged otherwise we will never catch the bad guys. Queue music! Well not quite, Beuler sent me this nifty little pen to test recently. It’s a pen, stylus and charger! Yes charger! Just when you need that little boost.

The hidden USB charger has a capacity of 600mAh, which isn’t a lot but might see you through to an important call. The pen also has a built-in adaptor to directly charge iPhones. With its capabilities and ergonomics, this pen truly feels like something out of a Bond movie.

The pen costs $34.95, which is roughly £24.12 and you can buy it from their website. A bit high perhaps, but it’ll let you do much more than just write. The battery inside is rechargeable via the top cap and is said to provide two hours of extra talk time. There’s also a hidden blue LED light beneath the metal clip to let you know when the battery is charged.

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