Pre-ordered your Samsung Galaxy S7? Not got it today as promised?

The two Samsung Galaxy handsets are officially available on March 11th, but every UK network we spoke to said that, if you pre-order, you get yours three days early. That’s today, so expect to see lots of smug people parading round with one.

Three, like the other networks, told customers who pre-ordered either the S7 or S7 edge would be getting their handsets today.

Pre ordered your Samsung Galaxy S7? Not got it today as promised?

We’ve heard from several unhappy Three customers who pre-ordered the phone and expected it today but they’ve not received it. One told us…

Texts were sent out mid-morning saying that the phones will be sent tonight for delivery tomorrow. I eventually spoke to someone at the executive office who failed to understand the issue with this phone not getting delivered when promised.

I’ve been to a Three store and they advised that it was likely the phone won’t arrive before weekend – even pre-ordered ones.

We’ve contacted Three PR, who have cleared things up a little. They tell us that a very small amount of customers that pre-ordered during a specific time frame yesterday are affected. A system glitch during that time meant that orders were unable to process in time for delivery today. These customers will instead receive it tomorrow.

Three have apologised to the inconvenience caused to this very small number of affected customers, but they’ll still be getting it ahead of general availability on Friday.

Update – We’re also hearing that some customers using Currys haven’t received theirs either. Do let us know if you have further details.