Ever tried the Samsung Outlet Store ?

Walking around the shops in Burton-upon-Trent, I couldn’t help but notice just how popular CEX and GAME were. The front of each store had a window with lots of phones and tablets that have been traded in. You can then, obviously, buy them but at a knock down price.

It’s a simple idea and works well. You take a phone in, they’ll give you (let’s say) £50 for it, then they put it in the window for £80.

Ever tried the Samsung Outlet Store ?

Samsung are doing it too with their outlet store. The handsets here though are fully checked by Samsung themselves and, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge going into shops in just a few days, prices for the previous models are tumbling. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is £230 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB is £265. The S6 edge of still pretty pricey, with a green one available for £370.

Keep an eye on the outlet over the coming days (and in other stores too) as you’re likely to see prices dip still further when the S7 devices arrive.

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