A SIM-only 2GB plan for just £7.07 per month? Read on

A SIM only 2GB plan for just £7.07 per month? Read on

I tend to dip into Quidco every now and then. It’s especially useful if you’re about to start a contract – and that can be a broadband deal, TV package or a new gas supplier.

If you’re looking around for a mobile deal then it’s beneficial too, and you receive quite a substantial amount back sometimes. This is one of those times, because at the moment Quidco have got a £95 cash-back deal with EE SIM-only deals, and when you work that kick-back out over the term of the plan, it can save you quite a bit. Take, for example, the EE £14.99 SIM-only offering. That’ll deliver 2GB of data every month plus 1000 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts. This is a one year deal, so it’ll normally cost you £179.88 for the 12 months. However, once you remove your £95 cash-back it makes it just £84.88 for the year, or £7.07 per month!

A SIM only 2GB plan for just £7.07 per month? Read on

Now that’s a deal.

The same £95 saving can be applied to their other SIM-only deals, so head to Quidco now, then fire across to the EE site from there.

It’s worth pointing out that EE also have some 50% off deals (for three months) on selected SIM-only deals. We’re not sure if you can combine the cash-back, but it’d be worth a try