Have a miniature rave with this LED Cube Speaker

Have a miniature rave with this LED Cube Speaker

I was never a fan of the Rubik’s Cube as a kid. I think I probably took it out of the box, moved all the squares around and then instantly lost my rag with it. A few weeks later you could’ve probably found it on the floor, with all the squares correctly displaying the correct colours and me denying that I’d removed them and stuck them all back on. I never did that, oh no.

Now you can get a Bluetooth speaker that looks just like one of these, but with light-up LED squares pulsing in time to your music.

Charge it up, connect it to your phone and dim the lights for… err… a really small rave. There’s five colour changing mood options and you can answer calls with it too.

If you don’t have Bluetooth then there’s a 3.5mm audio hook-up instead. It’s priced at £25.95 from PrezzyBox.

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