Samsung Galaxy S7 – The adverts

Samsung Galaxy S7   The adverts

If you saw our live coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge launch then you’ll probably already be aware of this first advert, which features the floor-vibrating soundtrack we heard during the unveiling. It’s a polished production filled with energy..

No actual S7 devices in that, but it features a brilliant soundtrack and some excellent visuals. By the way, if you like the music it’s by Royal Blood and it’s called Figure It Out. Full track here. Oh, interesting fact. The official Vevo video has had around 9 million views, but the Samsung commercial with the same song has had 31 million! That’s one way to get your song heard even more.

However, there’s a whole load of other adverts too. We’re not too sure if they’re going to be aired outside of America, so we’ve added them below. These are definitely very different. They still sell the phones, but in a fun and amusing way that actually hits home..

The three above are from Samsung Mobile USA. Here’s the more traditional international advert…

I’ve gotta say, I prefer the localised American ads 🙂