MWC – A tour of the SanDisk stand

MWC   A tour of the SanDisk standI went out to SanDisk earlier today and thought it would be a good plan to check out thread latest wares. Unlike last year where they announced the 200GB memory card -the largest on the market – they did not have such a huge amount to shout about this year.

First up they showed me the new USB Type C flash drive they had just released at the show.

This new drive has been designed specifically in response to both laptops and phones starting to make the move over to USB Type C. It is going to come in at varying sizes. They start at 16GB and go up to 128GB. They’re a very fast performing drive and will let you transfer files at speeds of up to 150mbps. The drive itself is very compact and will fit perfectly onto a keyring.

However at the moment I for one would like to have the flexibility that is afforded by having both USB Type C connection and a standard USB port on the one device. It is for that reason that, if I was to be spending my own hard earned cash, it would be on the Combination Flash drive below.

MWC   A tour of the SanDisk stand

These are currently available and come in with microUSB and Type C style. If you move files around between mobile devices to computers they are well worth picking one up.

The next new announcment was the release of a new form of high speed microSD card. It is called the SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-II … a bit of a mouthful. These are the fastest microSD cards that you can buy. They have been designed exclusively for action cameras such as the Go Pro range.

What makes this card faster than the predeseccor is the second row of contacts. This allows for a much faster throughput of data. This will become even more important when you are tying to work with high quality video and lossless music. From what we understand there should be no reason for these not to work in phones that support the micro SDXC format. The card is available as either a 64GB or 128GB and will be ready to buy very soon. It will also come bundled with a USB 3 reader for fast transfer speeds to an appropriate computer.

Just don’t expect these to be cheap, especially if the American pricing is anything to go by. They will cost $179.99 and $299.99.

That is all they had to show off with regard to brand new products. but I spotted something that really caught my eye…

MWC   A tour of the SanDisk stand

What the hell is it? What you are looking at is a portable and ruggidised SSD that is both waterproof and dust proof. It is designed to be connected up to your computer via a USB 3 cable and has 480GB of storage. These things are pretty bloody impressive as this video below shows…

You can find out more about this drive here on the SanDisk site.