MWC – Remix OS Update

MWC   Remix OS UpdateFor those of you who have been following the site for a while, you will surely be aware of the fact that I am a massive fan of the Remix OS in all its forms be it the Remix Mini or the Remix Ultra tablet. Well, today I had the chance to meet one of the founding members of the Jide the startup responsible for Remix OS.

MWC   Remix OS UpdateIt was great to meet one of the men behind this groundbreaking OS and to find out from him where he thinks Remix is heading in the future. After the success of the Remix Mini and the recent release of Remix OS for PC as an Alpha trial things are looking very good for the guys at Jide. So much so that they have now managed to announce that the Beta for Remix OS for PC will be going live on the 1st of March. it will available to download from Jide’s website and then flash onto whatever device you choose to as long as it runs an Intel chipset and has USB 3.

However, that was by no means all that was shown off today because after having a bit of a poke around the Qualcomm Booth I discovered a 2 in 1 device that was running Remix OS on it. Now as  Jide are here as guests of Qualcomm this is not really that surprising, what is surprising is that this isn’t just an OEM system that has had Remix Os for PC flashed onto it, no no no this is the full enchilada the full beans.

I was unable to eek any specs out of the chap on the booth but I did get some pics of the device and it does look pretty interesting.

I was able to discern that the device on show was running a Snapdragon 810 and that it has a 2K screen resolution. The device is much lighter than it’s predecessor and the keyboard is also the stand in a very clever origami  style which attaches via magnets to the back of the tablet allowing you multiple screen angles. We can also see USB Type C Charging on board here too along with a standard USB port. All looking promising so far.MWC   Remix OS UpdateIt also has a stenciled name of Remic Ultra HD on the cover. Mmmm interesting….

Here are a few more pics

For a prototype it looks very good and I can only hope that this is the direction that Jide takes the Remix Tablet design. Now let’s have one with a Backlit keyboard cover and LTE on board and then ill be very happy guys.