Are Samsung bringing back the waterproof Galaxy?

At the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event in Barcelona last year there was a lot of chatter about what had been removed from the handset. Gone was the microSD card slot, gone was the replaceable battery and gone too was the waterproof protection. All features of the S5.

The S6 was a less “plasticy” and more premium device, with both the S6 edge and S6 being well received. However, a series of videos are now slipping out of the Samsung Twitter feed which could suggest that the S7 or S7 edge might have that waterproof-ness restored.

Are Samsung bringing back the waterproof Galaxy?

Either that or they’re going to strap it to your hand so you don’t drop it. Yeah, perhaps it’s just a lanyard 🙂

There’s also “something” about the camera, which we can’t really decipher. Perhaps it’s a mode that snaps a photo when you kiss…

There’s also a few shots floating around the internet showing a phone that looks exactly like the S6, but labeled as the S7. Could it be that the styling has remained the same but all those removed features have come back?

More right here on Coolsmartphone, live from Barcelona on Sunday night.