ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 month’s battery life revealed.

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 months battery life revealed.

I have always worn a watch. I have a weakness where watches are concerned. Tie that in with my love of technology and the smartwatch is my perfect device.

However, I love the classic watches. There’s just just something about a mechanical time piece.. watch lovers will understand…

I was one of the original backers on Kickstarter for the Pebble smartwatch, then I moved on to Android Wear. However, I’ve now gone back to Pebble in the shape of the Pebble Steel. I just love the battery life and to be honest the Pebble can do everything I need from a smartwatch apart from heart rate measuring. I can live without that, and I feel that the Pebble just gives me that “watch” experience, rather than a mini computer on my wrist

Well, once I clocked eyes on the latest timepieces from British experts Orsto, I just fell in love. The Contemporary 100 range of watches are just drop-dead gorgeous (in my humble opinion that is)..

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 months battery life revealed.

Just look at that..
ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 months battery life revealed.

Due to be released in the coming months, the Contemporary 100 range is the first of four collections developed by ORSTO. Every watch is handcrafted by a team of in-house watchmakers, with real world user testing and production quality control.

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 months battery life revealed.

There’s no touch screen here, and it keeps the functions of a traditional quartz watch with the added “smart” benefits. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS and features incoming call and message notifications, preset reply mode, daily alerts/reminders, visual sound wave/audio/vibration alarms, remote camera/music control, full activity monitor and more.

ORSTO CEO Paul Gill tells us…

Put simply, ORSTO timepieces buck the smartwatch trend in the wearable tech industry, and move in a totally different direction.

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 months battery life revealed.

Most smartwatches need a charge every day (or 5 days in the case of the Pebble), but the Contemporary 100 range has a whacking seven months of battery life. The splash proof casing of conventional smartwatches is replaced with water resistance, with the 100, 200, 300 ranges protected at up to 100M/330FT and the 400 range to 200M/660FT.

We have no news on exact release dates or pricing but when we do, we’ll let you know.

Get more details at Orsto.com