Got a HTC One M8 mate? You could be getting Marshmallow soon

Got a HTC One M8 mate? You could be getting Marshmallow soon
We’re hearing on the grapevine (or, rather, via you lot on our contact page), that the HTC One M8 is starting to get some hot Marshmallow action right now.

Not only that, but we’ve also got unconfirmed reports that the newer HTC One M9 is receiving the Android Marshmallow goodness also.

As is usual, if you’ve got a branded or network-supplied handset then you could be waiting a short while for the network to approve it. If, however, you do have the update, let us know how you’re going. We’ve heard from “Tambo” that his second-gen Moto 360 is no longer displaying notifications, which is a bit pants. 🙁


David emailed us to say…

HTC One M8 update to Marshmallow. Mine came through last week. It’s a big download and took a lot of rebooting and app optimisation. Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference to Lollipop!

Looks and feels the same. One bad point though, the HTC mail app crashed using my standard Outlook 365 and Exchange accounts. BIG FAIL. Seems widespread. No fix from HTC yet…

Update We’ve heard an update about that native HTC mail app now. It seems that HTC have now brought out a patch and it works fine now. Yay! 🙂