Recycling phones and getting paid for it. Made simple by OnRecycle

You’ll have seen recently that I’ve mentioned a few ways to make us of your old phone. You can, of course, sell  an old phone you’re no longer using. If it’s still fairly new or you’ve kept it in a case (and therefore kept it in reasonably good condition), it may be worth a lot of money. Online phone recycling comparison websites have emerged in recent years which will let you compare the prices various phone recyclers are willing to pay for old phones. A bit like those insurance comparison sites, but here – you get paid instead of them.

In the past, it was often a time consuming task trying to find a recycler who would give a fair price for an old phone. Recycled phone comparison websites have changed all this and make it possible to view every price recycling companies will pay for old phones, all in one place.

Recycling phones and getting paid for it. Made simple by OnRecycle

Like most comparison websites, phone recycling websites such as OnRecycle are very easy and straightforward to use. These types of websites let you search for a wide range of phones through an easy-to-use search facility. This search facility lists all of the prices phone recyclers will pay for a specific handset.

To find these prices, users have to fill out a number of details about their phone. These details include the type of device, phone brand, phone model, its memory size and the condition of the phone. You then just whack a button and the comparison website displays the current prices recyclers will pay for the specific phone you’re selling.

The price is not the only information comparison sites show users. They also include a lot of information about the seller and their terms of service. The main details about each recycler includes the price they will pay for a phone, the recyclers name, how quickly they pay, methods of payment and previous user ratings. A ‘Sell Now’ button also appears beside each recyclers listing.

When you find a recycler you feel comfortable dealing with, you simply press the ‘Sell Now’ button beside their listing. This sends you to the recyclers website where you can begin the selling process with them. They will usually ask for more details about your phone and the rest of the sales process takes place there.

Phone recycling comparison websites make the whole process much easier and more transparent. You don’t have to visit each recyclers website individually, or visit them in person, to get the best price for your old phone. The whole process is designed to be fast too, so you don’t have to wait for long to get paid for your phone.

Recycling phones and getting paid for it. Made simple by OnRecycle

Don’t worry if you do have a phone which is past its best. The condition of the phone is not an obstacle to selling either. When you look for a price for your old phone, phone recycling comparison websites give you a quote for new, broken and working phones.

Most people want the latest and greatest phones. However, this means there are many perfectly fine phones not being used because their owner got an upgrade. Phone recycling comparison websites give you the opportunity to give your old phone a new lease of life and put money in your pocket too!