We want to pimp something. Could you vote for us?

We want to pimp something. Could you vote for us?
The other night I had a sudden realisation. Since 2003 this lovely website has been on the t’interwebs. We’ve been around the world. We’ve seen smartphones grow from clunky devices with tiny screens and terrible battery life to bigger devices with terrible battery life. I’ve actually been writing about smartphones before 2003. I’ve written nearly ten thousand posts since our current content management system.

We hope that our posts, reviews, podcast episodes and videos are fun and entertaining. We do like to add an element of fun and perhaps break down the geeky side of things at times.

So… I’ll be up-front here. We decided to enter one of those blog award things, and we need your votes to push us up the rankings so that we can win something. We’d like to win something. That’d be great, and we’d be REALLY thankful.

Oh, and just to let you know, I really messed up with this as it turns out that voting started on 4th January and it actually closes on Monday. Yes, Monday 25th January. So we’ve basically got two days to try and catch up in the voting.

Vote for us on the UK Blog Awards.

Go on, please.

We said please and everything.