So long Moto..rola

It’s a brand which is well known here in the UK. I’m sure we still have the “Hello Moto” tagline stuck in our head, even though Motorola Mobility has been under the control of Lenovo for a while now.
So long Moto..rola

It’s been announced that the full Motorola name will vanish and, a bit like my Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, you’ll now see “Moto by Lenovo” on phones.

The Moto phone business was originally bought by Google in 2012, but then sold into Lenovo in 2014 while handsets like the excellent Moto G have continued to receive critical acclaim. Lenovo said at the time that the Lenovo brand was a “treasure” and would be protected.
So long Moto..rola

Now, as you can see on my ThinkPad logo (which was once an IBM-built), the ThinkPad design and brand has Lenovo at the helm instead. It’ll be the same with upcoming Moto-branded phones, which will have the Lenovo and classic “M” logo on.

Although the Motorola name and Moto brand isn’t nearly as successful as it once was, it’s still a big change in the history of mobile.

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