Jolla climb out of the death valley

A month ago things were pretty bad at Jolla. They were entering what Antti Saarnio, Chairman and Co-founder, called a “death valley”. They were struggling for cash and a way to change the way that the company operated.

Now things are looking more Joll..y for the company as they announce new financing and a more stable outlook. They also tell us that they have “several licensing deals in the pipeline” which means that further development of Sailfish OS can continue.
Jolla climb out of the death valley
Antti Saarnio yet again mentions the journey out of the death valley..

A very important part in a start-up’s journey is going through death valleys. Most start-ups need great survival skills and determination and innovative solutions to succeed in the long run. Jolla has now successfully completed its investment round and is ready to continue to provide a true mobile OS alternative to the world. This latest death valley was the most difficult one but proved that highly motivated teams can win even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The company also states that the mobile landscape is changing rapidly and they’re keen to produce a secure smartphone OS which can be trusted to store you personal and financial information.

Further information can be found in their press release (PDF)