Whats the point of launch events?

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there have been multiple events in the last few months. Apple started the rollercoaster unveiling the new iPhones & iPads. This was closely followed by a Google event unveiling its new Nexus phones (Nexii?) Chromecasts etc. There was also an LG event with its new top-end device the V10. Microsoft got in the act announcing the Lumias and Surfaces. And so it goes on, HTC One A9, OnePlusX etc etc

Whats the point of launch events?

Nexus 6P Launch

What is the common denominator with all of these launches? The hyperbole? The showmanship? No, its the fact that there was nothing new in them. Every salient detail about the phones/tablets had been leaked. We knew names, we knew specs, we had pictures, we even had an idea of the price-points. I know the mobile phone industry is full of leaks, and frankly a lot of tech blogs/websites live off those leaks. I just don’t understand why bother having such a massive event, spending so much money etc when there isn’t anything new to be said that hasnt leaked already.

So why do they still do them? One possibility is that companies want to frame the narrative and emphasise certain things about their products which may be more complex than a simple press statement. Camera technology on the Nexus phones, or 3D Touch on the iPhone (which as an aside i am dubious of, but that’s another article). I can see their point. However when everybody knows everything about the device, then whatever Google/Apple etc say, the tech press and the public will focus on what IT feels are the important points in that launch.

I have another idea. Is the point of launch events the “One more thing”? The biggest surprises at recent launches were the Pixel C and the Surface Book. These were launched at the tail end of the events and hadn’t really been leaked. The Apple Pencil may also be one of these things. Maybe it is a case waiting for what HASN’T been leaked, rather than what has. are companies deliberately leaking certain products so that the public don’t expect the real thing they want to discuss?
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