Embarrassed using a selfie stick? Here’s the solution.

Us Brits aren’t always good with self confidence. Taking a photo of yourself can, for some, be a bit embarrassing. Using a selfie stick, well, that’s another matter.

So, Japanese Twitter user @Mansooon, who doesn’t really reveal a lot about himself, has come up with a solution. He appears, from his Tumblr page, to be an inventor of…. errrmmm… things. His solution is a “selfie arm”. It looks like this…

Embarrassed using a selfie stick? Heres the solution.

Quite a bit of thought went into this. He’s got full design schematics and drawings detailing the exact dimensions and detail of the product so that it could perhaps go into full production. Oh yes…

Here’s some further photos of the device, which seems to involve you wearing a certain jacket with hilariously long sleeves and then walking around for the rest of the day wearing it. Hmm… perhaps not totally practical that..

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