Coolsmartphone update – It’s all about speed

Morning all. Well, it’s morning here in the UK at least. As you know, for the last 13 years (actually, more than that if you include the time before I bought this domain), has reported on all the latest smartphone.. stuff. We’ve gone from Pocket PC, from Microsoft Smartphone 2002, to the iPhone, the HTC “Facebook Phone”, the Samsung Galaxy and everything in between. Now we’re covering almost everything that involves a mobile device, including Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, alarm systems, holders and every other gadget under the sun.

Now we’re of a certain size, and I’ve personally got a private jet to whisk me away to my weekend island, I’ve had a look at the figures. We get most of our visits from the UK. Some 40% of our traffic is from my very own country. The next most popular country is America, but can you tell me the third?

It could surprise you. It’s not China or Germany – it’s India.

Coolsmartphone update   Its all about speed

So, hello India. We’ve got some good news for you. We use the CloudFlare system. This will basically take the pages of our site and distribute them to local servers all around the world. Although our main servers are in Europe, you may not be, so the CloudFlare servers effectively distribute our site to your country or one near it. That means that the “trip” across the internet is shorter and you get a faster experience. Yay.

Some 400 million internet users in India can now browse to us and you’ll receive Coolsmartphone from datacenters located in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. This means that your latency will drop significantly and pages will become a lot, lot faster than before. Here’s a look at the before and after, with further improvements coming over the coming days..

Coolsmartphone update   Its all about speed