You’re filming it wrong!

When you see someone filming with their smartphone, name the thing that annoys you more than anything. It’s probably this…

Filming stuff the wrong way around. It’s criminal. Worst of all is when someone starts filming in portrait and then turns the phone 90 degrees whilst it’s recording. The user thinks it’s filmed in landscape, but in reality it’s still in portrait, but on its side. Watch it back and it’s either a constant game of “chase the orientation” or you end up laying on your side. Mental.

Youre filming it wrong!

However, it gets worse. Evan Griffin, who seems to have only ever uploaded one video, has had over two and a half million hits with this video. It seems that he gave his dad a GoPro to capture a trip to Las Vegas. Trouble is, he didn’t tell him which way to point the camera and, well, this is the result…

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