Super Bluetooth in 2016

Super Bluetooth in 2016

Bluetooth is about to change from what we all know and love (or not, in some cases).

The organisation that looks after the Bluetooth standard is updating it next year to increase coverage distance by 4 times the current distances, so we should see Bluetooth speakers work up to 40 metres away (I can see a load of pranks coming the unsuspecting world’s way). They are also looking to double the bandwidth and enable mesh networking.

The mesh networking feature is an interesting concept, which will allow sharing of data (and possibly other Bluetooth profiles?) at one end of the mesh with someone at the other end where the original data connection source cannot reach. Setting up ad hoc networks in wide open areas should be possible with low-cost battery-powered devices (so long as there is a data connection available at one end).

Here’s an Interesting Experiment Idea coming on – how about listening to music from your mate’s phone from across the other side of the football stadium on your Bluetooth headphones during the halftime break?

All this without using any more power than today’s devices!


The full information from the Blutooth SIG accouncement is as here:

Source: Engadget