Move over HTC, Ford want to be quietly brilliant.

Move over HTC, Ford want to be quietly brilliant.
Modern cars tend to have a lot of sound proofing, especially if you’re driving one of those diesel cars. It’s to reduce engine noise, but despite how nice your tyres might be, there’s still road noise to deal with. Ford have been thinking of new ways to sort this, and they’ve used the same technology found in noise cancelling headphones.

The Ford “Active Noise Control” technology chucks out sound waves to cancel out the sound of wind, transmission and everything in between. It works with the help of three microphones which detect and then, via the car speakers, push out opposing sound waves. It’ll even know when you’re accelerating hard and will anticipate the noise that’ll create. All this is done without affecting volume levels of music and conversation.

Ford have also added some “acoustic glass” too.

Here’s a look at it in action..

There’s a clever interactive doo-hickey on the Ford website showing how it all works.