Nexus 6P camera glass cracking

Nexus 6P camera glass cracking

First it was Bendgate, now it’s Crackgate. More supposed tales of woe to hound the new Nexus 6P flagship. Some users are reporting that the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 panel that sits in front of/protects the camera is spontaneously cracking.

It appears that this piece of glass isn’t as durable as a screen covered in the same material. Several theories as to why it’s cracking have been put forward, including overheating, sudden changes in temperature or even an internal issue related to the battery swelling. The display has a small plastic shock ring to protect the glass, but the camera glass doesn’t have this. As such, any lateral pressure applied by the case appears to cause the camera glass to crack.

One user has reported that it happened on the first night, with another saying it happened within 24 hours. Some state that it happened spontaneously while the phone was just sitting there.

There is no official word from Google or Huawei as of yet, and it’s not known whether there are a particular batch of handsets that are effected or the whole production run to date. I imagine the return to manufacturer conversation being quite interesting:

“Well, it was just sitting on the table, and the glass just cracked, all on its own.”

“Yes, of course it did sir.”

Have you bagged the latest Nexus flagship? Is your camera glass OK? Let us know in the comments below so we can get some more data points to see whether Crackgate can go the same way as Bendgate, or whether we have a serious design issue on our hands.

Source Android Authority