Samsung rumoured to be reducing workforce

When you think of the most successful and the most popular Android manufacturer, you invariably think of Samsung. Their Galaxy handsets are usually lined up against the iPhones when newspapers and magazines do comparisons between Android and iOS as they’ve become so well known.  Many other Android smartphone makers would give their right arm for the brand awareness and exposure that Samsung receives, which has a lot to do with the huge truck-loads of money that Samsung spend on advertising.

Samsung rumoured to be reducing workforce

However, Samsung are being squeezed. There’s endless competition at the lower end of the market and high-end Android smartphones are a shrinking market as cheaper challengers produce competitively-spec’d devices.

According to Korea Times, cost-cutting is now in full swing at Samsung. An unnamed “official” states that..

Samsung’s top priority is to save costs. Average workers with mediocre performance are being advised to leave the company with a sizable compensation.

Apparently a “voluntary retirement system” will be used to reduce headcount with a rumoured 30% drop in the workforce, particularly in finance, human resources and marketing.

Samsung had no official comment on the story.