My smartphone broke! Call an ambulance!

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My smartphone broke! Call an ambulance!

To be honest we’re not totally sure if this is a marketing stunt or a real, actual service. It’s a miniature ambulance that comes to your aid (provided you’re in a city that’s covered by the service) should your phone break. The details below this video for M-lab states that it’s a service they’ve tested in Antwerp, but when you say, “tested” that could mean “we played around with a toy car for a bit”…

Nice idea, but I don’t think it would work in every city. How long before people press that emergency button just so they can steal themselves a radio-controlled car?

I’ll say the same thing I say in my head to the endless lazy people who park in disabled or parent & child spots at supermarkets. Get up off your backside and move around a bit.

If your phone breaks, stick it in the post and maybe check out the services offered by M-lab.