Musical drum loops – App review!

The developer of this game asked me to review it. However, you’ll notice that I don’t often review apps here on Coolsmartphone. Developer Divyesh Dungrani wants to tell you about his free Musical Drum Loops app.
Musical drum loops   App review!
What he tells us is that it’ll let you “make your own tones and beats in different styles by yourself with the help of built-in background music feature”.

Basically, after downloading it, you have a number of categories – jazz, rock, pop and hiphop. You then press a button within the appropriate category and it’ll play a beat which loops round.

Press another button, it’ll loop a different beat.

That’s about it.

See? How can I review that? That’s all I can write about the thing. It’s basically a soundboard which plays drumbeats and you can perhaps sing over it or something.

Top reviewer me. Oh yes.