Leo Privacy Guard for Mobile Devices – A quick overview

Leo Privacy Guard for Mobile Devices   A quick overview

The Leo privacy guard for mobile devices is built for individuals who want to keep their mobile use private. Some of us don’t mind sharing our phones, but there’s probably a number of you who’d rather keep those personal photos and messages away from prying eyes. Sure, a lock screen is one way of doing it, but you know that your boyfriend / girlfriend, child or one of your mates will probably figure out your unlock code and start rifling through your text messages and other bits of information that you might not want to reveal.
Leo Privacy Guard for Mobile Devices   A quick overview

This particular app will actually lock down your phone and your selected apps too. You can stop someone opening Facebook and sending rogue updates or popping open a browser – perhaps even stopping them installing apps too. The GUI is simple and easy to use, with a quick switch from one privacy mode to another. The app also lets you lock down certain types of media. You can use Touch ID, a pin or Dot Clock to secure your private media. Videos, texts, images and your call log can all be locked down in this way.

Not only is it secure, but it’ll keep an eye on your data usage with easy-to-understand charts. This is great if you’re on a fairly tight monthly data plan and want to ensure that your mobile data usage doesn’t tip into that “expensive” overspill. There’s also a battery monitor solution and you can uninstall certain apps which are draining the battery and storage resources from your phone too.
Leo Privacy Guard for Mobile Devices   A quick overview

A range of “covers” can enhance the look of your phone and also deter and mislead those who may be keen to play around with your phone when you nip to the toilet in a bar or pub.

The app itself seems to be getting pretty great reviews so far, and it’s a breeze to use even if you’re not too clued up on all the terminology – just select a mode which is right for you. With just a single click, all of your personal apps will be locked securely.

In addition, there’s a backup solution which protects you from, well, yourself. If you accidentally delete an app, you can quickly bring it back to life through the system or organize those apps and games to give yourself a cleaner and speedier GUI.gadgets, uninstalling the apps you no longer use to make space for new ones.

The Leomaster Privacy Privacy Guard is a smart, simple way to protect your phone. If you have any reason to suspect that other people may be searching it to get information about you, this can help you to stop them in their tracks.

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