When it’s not about the money – RHA is pretty impressive

When its not about the money   RHA is pretty impressive

So here’s how it works. You buy something and you quite like it. then it stops working. You try to get it fixed, and get prepared for a battle royal with a company that doesn’t give a hootenannie about you once the sale’s been made. This isn’t that story.

I needed a pair of headphones for work, and after the glowing reviews one of our team (Simon) consistently gave a British company, RHA, I decided to give them a shot. And I wasn’t disappointed. They were great. If I needed to concentrate on something, I’d load up a podcast or two. If I wanted to get lost in music and drown out everything around me, those CA-200’s did the job admirably. They weren’t the most amazing, but they punched way above their price.

Until of course, it stops working. Which is where I was, over a year later, when the sound just… stopped. Like Kaput. It took me a while before I realised that it wasn’t Windows acting up, it was my cans. I didn’t have a lot of hope that I’d get a fix from RHA, but I went onto the website and logged a report that it could be my cable that was on the fritz. Lo and behold, RHA got back to me inside 24 hours to say that they were shipping out a new cable. No argument, no double checking of receipts or any of that malarky. They took total responsibility and fixed it.

Wouldn’t you know it worked? I know that people talk about how companies like Orange and Apple used to be legendary at their customer service. My experience with RHA means that when they say guarantee, they stand by it. Added to that, you can’t even find the headphones on their site any more, which means they’ve been discontinued, and I’m doubly impressed.

How often does that happen?