Teen Developers – Gustaf Rosenblad

Teen Developers – Gustaf Rosenblad

Could you start by telling me a little about yourself?

My name is Gustaf Rosenblad and I was born in 1998 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I love programming!

Programming runs in the family. I’m the third generation of programmers. I started programming when I was 8 years old. I got really fascinated when I saw how powerful computers were when you could program them.

When did you first begin programming? What got you hooked?

I first began programming in ASP.NET and HTML when I was 8 years old on my father’s computer. I thought it was so cool to have the power to build almost anything on the computer.

You’ve made several apps over the years. Where do you get the ideas for new projects?

Coming up with the idea is the hardest, but the most important part. The best ideas I have had comes from family and friends, or just pops up when doing other things than programming [sic].

You went to WWDC in 2014 on a Student Scholarship. Could you tell us a little about the application process and your experience?

When I asked my parents about applying for the WWDC student scholarship they said that I may apply but they would consider going if I got accepted. So I put a lot of effort into the scholarship app without the thought that I could be in San Francisco a month later. It came like two happy surprises later on when I first was accepted and then second when my parents told me we could go.

The overall experience being at WWDC and to be so close to the company Apple was fantastic! Being one young developer among so many other developers, charging joy of news during sessions and workshops, was such an unbelievable feeling.

You’ve also done several internships. How is working on stuff for a company different from working for yourself?

Mostly, I prefer working with other people who have planned projects and more resources, rather than have to manage less fun stuff like marketing and distribution by myself [sic]. Sometimes though, it can be fun creating something from my own mind.

Which is your favourite platform to develop on? You’ve made Windows Store apps, iOS and OS X apps, as well as Android and Web projects.

I personally prefer developing for the Apple ecosystem just because the design makes sense to me and the APIs are simple to use. Otherwise I like developing for the web due to all the creativity you can put on a webpage.

What advice do you have for young people just getting started, or wanting to start, programming?

My number one tip for beginners would be to be active in the industry about updates and prereleases. Otherwise I would strongly recommend looking at other people apps and learn from them.


Gustaf’s Hardware:


Main Computer: Macbook Pro
Specs: Retina, Mid-2014

Main Phone: iPhone 6 Plus
Specs: Space grey

Tablet: iPad
Specs: 4th generation

Wearable: Apple Watch
Specs: Space grey

Testing devices: iPad 1 and 3, iPhone 3GS – 5s, 2008 iMac, Nexus 6