Motorola wants to make you think

Motorola wants to make you thinkWe just received this rather bizzare email from the Motorola PR team. Here is the first line from the email…

Motorola has created a video with comedian Alfie Brown and a member of the public for the #PhonyJob challenge to see how tough a day in the life of a mobile phone is.

This is then followed by the link to this video clip. As to why we are being shown this I can’t really be certain. All I can assume is that Motorola want us to be aware that our phones can do more than just make phone calls and send text messages.

I’ll give them some credit, it is a thought-provoking piece, but more in the way of, “What did I just watch?” than “Oh yes this is going to change my entire outlook on the world”.

It is just a bit odd, though.

We hope we have managed to cheer you up with this on a cold Friday evening/Saturday morning.