giffgaff flies high with new ad campaign

Back in the late 90’s I was using a clunky big Nokia phone and colour screens were just a pipe dream. There was a TV show on back then called “TFI Friday”, hosted by Chris Evans. He bought and sold a radio station, became a multi-millionaire, shacked up with Billie Piper (when she was 17 and he was in his mid-30’s) and then proceeded to get drunk lots and not turn up for work.
giffgaff flies high with new ad campaign

He’s my role model.

Anyhoo, after many years of drinking he’s sobered up and has made a massive come-back. He hosts the Radio 2 breakfast show and will be in charge of the all-new Top Gear when it returns to our screens next year. Not only that, but he’s bringing back his TFI Friday show this evening and giffgaff will be showing a full 1-minute long advert in the first commercial break to promote their contract-free network.

giffgaff flies high with new ad campaign

We’ve managed to grab a few exclusive shots from the up-coming ad, which “ups the anti” on phone contracts with “no ties” (hence, we believe, the person floating around in these shots).
giffgaff flies high with new ad campaign
Their research shows that the top five reasons for 16-24 year olds to avoid contracts are ..

1. Being locked in for too long (68%)
2. Paying more than what they originally signed up for (32%)
3. Too much commitment (31%)
4. A waste of money (28%)
5. Mobile use changes so quickly (20%)

giffgaff are no doubt spending millions on such a high-profile ad campaign, but they didn’t even send us a chocolate bar. Booo hiissssss.. 😉

TFI Friday is back tonight at 8PM on Channel 4. Take That are on y’know. All three of them.