Goodbye Sainsbury’s Mobile

Have you got a mobile running on the Sainsbury’s Mobile network? Well, sadly it won’t be working much longer. The supermarket has given a 90-day notice that all services will be discontinued and you’ll see the network completely snuffed out on January 15th.

Goodbye Sainsburys Mobile

The reasons, it seems, revolve around relatively low take-up of the service and a breakdown in discussions between Sainsbury’s and Vodafone, who actually power the MVNO.

Also known as “Mobile by Sainsbury’s” by literally none of their customers, a notice on the website doesn’t actually go into the full details about why this has happened. Customers are instead just given a phone number to call so that they can grab a PAC code and simply go elsewhere.
Goodbye Sainsburys Mobile

Top-up credit can still be purchased for a short while, but that’ll vanish completely on November 14th, so ensure that your existing credit gets used up and start moving now. Contract customers will get service until January 15th. Don’t forget, we’ve got a great how-to article on how to move your number and find a good alternative deal.