Driver decides to broadcast drive home on Periscope… whilst drunk

Driver decides to broadcast drive home on Periscope... whilst drunk

There’s a few things that Florida resident Whitney Beall did wrong on Saturday.

First, she decided to hold her phone aloft to film herself driving. That’s a bad move. Fiddling with your phone whilst driving is never a good idea and is against the law here in the UK.

Secondly, she broadcast the footage of her driving on Periscope. Now, that’s just asking for trouble.

Thirdly, and a definite no-no in the world of mobile, she filmed it all in ruddy portrait. PORTRAIT. STOP FILMING STUFF IN PORTRAIT PEOPLE.

Lastly, and obviously the worst part, she was absolutely hammered whilst doing all of this. Drinking and driving, as we all know, just shouldn’t be done.

The 23 year-old slurred her words and openly admitted to viewers that she was drunk. Now, you really have to be some kind of stupid to drive a car drunk AND broadcast it via Periscope.

Worried viewers, who were also a special kind of stupid, messaged her through the platform to encourage her to stop. At one point in the video she seems surprised that 57 people are watching and tells them that one viewer has advised her to look at the road instead of reading messages on the phone.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with the level of stupidity here. I mean, she’s an obvious brain donor, but are people honestly sending messages telling her not to read messages? Plus, how come that particular person wasn’t a little more concerned that she was completely off her face whilst in charge of a vehicle?

Luckily some people watching the feed had brain cells, and called the local police, who also started watching the feed, figured out where she was and her arrested her for “DUI” (driving while completely mullered).

The police have got this all on video too, via their dashcam…

Beall, who admitted on her video that she was “driving super drunk right now”, refused to take a breath test and ended up doing a sobriety test … which she royally failed.

She was released on $500 bail.