Lumsing 4 port USB wall charger & 10400mah powerbank reviews

4 port USB wall charger.

My night time ritual goes something like this..

    Put the cat out
    Lock the doors
    Make sure all the windows are closed
    Walk around the house looking like Mr T from the A-Team with a multitude of charger leads and plugs round my neck.

You’ll find me trying to hunt down wall sockets to plug in the following – an iPad Retina, iPad mini, the wife’s iPhone, my OnePlus One, my Hudl and sometimes my smartwatch, plus any other gadget or toy that needs charging.

I’m sure I’m not the only one of us facing this predicament, and it was with this in mind that I jumped at the chance to review the Lumsing 4 port powered USB wall charger.

Good Points: 

  • Ability to charge 4 devices simultaneously.
  • Unusual colouring and coating.
  • Whopping 4.2 amp output.
  • Lots of overheat and overcharge protection built into the charger.

Bad Points:

  • Colours are not for everyone.
  • Device labelling is starting to rub off after a couple of weeks of use.
  • Lumsing is an unknown brand in the UK.



The wall charger is unlike others I seen or reviewed. This one, apart from being light blue, is covered in a coating which has the same feel as the sandstone back on my OnePlus One. The charger has 4 USB ports, which are conveniently named iPhone, Android, iPad, iPad. The charger is also available in grey and bright orange.

Lumsing 4 port USB wall charger & 10400mah powerbank reviews

In Use: 

I used the wall charger to charge two full size iPads, my OnePlus One and a Moto G – all at the same time with absolutely no issues at all. If you’re after a solution to all those plugs and charging leads, check out the Lumsing 4 port USB wall charger.

The 4 port USB charger is currently available for just £8.99 from Amazon.

Next up, another gadget for you. Again from Lumsing..

Lumsing 10400mah powerbank.

Good Points.

  • Unusual harmonica design.
  • Made from premium components.
  • Smart charge technology.
  • 2 x 2.1 amp output overcharging via USB.
  • Over charge protection with auto-off functionality.

Bad Points.

  • At the more expensive end of the scale.
  • The black plastic is a bit of a fingerprint magnet.
  • Charging port seemed a little weak.


This powerbank is made out of high quality materials; brushed aluminium and high gloss plastic in a design that does make the powerbank look and feel like a harmonica. Inside, the power bank has a whopping 10400 mAh Samsung battery, giving you enough juice to recharge your smartphone a number of times over before having to charge up the bank.

On the front of the bank are 2 x USB ports – one which outputs at a nice healthy 2.1 amps, and the other at 1 amp. There are 4 blue LED’s, each representing 25% charge remaining in the bank, an on/off button, and on one side is the micro USB charging port. Also included in the box was a nice (albeit, brown) velvet pouch.

In Use.

Upon opening the box and revealing the powerbank for the first time, I really was surprised on how well-made it was, with a premium feel to the powerbank. The brushed aluminium and shiny black plastic did go together very well. Admittedly this shiny plastic was a very bad fingerprint magnet, and upon showing it to friends and work colleagues they too were impressed with the feel/quality of the powerbank.

I plugged the powerbank in and it took about 6 hours to fully charge. This is some time, but remember: you’re charging up a 10400 mah battery. One thing I did notice is that the micro USB port that’s used to charge the powerbank did feel a little flimsy, and I got the feeling that I had to be careful not to push the charging cable in too hard.

The powerbank has another feature; you don’t really need to to turn the device on or off, it automatically powers up when a device is plugged in, and it powers off when your device is fully charged.

The Lumsing 10400 mah is currently available for £29.99 from Amazon.


When I was first asked to review these items, I was a little reticent. It was from a company I’d never heard of, and I thought “oh, yet another powerbank and wall charger”. Well, I’m glad I took them up on their offer.

The wall charger is perfect for charging multiple items from just one power source, and it’s something you’re not going to overlook when having that final glance around the hotel room. The powerbank, although at the high end of the price point, is very well made and did generate some considerable interest when shown to friends and family members due to its unusual make up.