Texting and driving. Try it. You’ll crash.

I’m not totally sure how this video has gone viral suddenly, because it’s around three years old now. Anyhow, this happens all around the world. Nobody is perfect and I’ve seen drivers across Europe, America, China and here in the UK doing it at the wheel. The familiar “lane drift” followed by a fairly abrupt correction, signifies that the driver is probably sending a text or an instant message.
Texting and driving. Try it. Youll crash.

So, in this video, a Belgian road safety campaign group has found a way the scare learner drivers into not doing it. During a lesson the instructor tells learner drivers that it’s become law to pass a “texting whilst driving” exam as part of their licence.

The results, which obviously involve lots of swerving and cone-squashing, have been uploaded by the Belgium-based Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) group below..

It’s a good message, although I’m also concerned about how much the instructor hurls forwards – without a seatbelt in many scenes. He should perhaps try looking at the rules on wearing a seatbelt whilst in the car.