Coming to a finger soon – the smart ring

Coming to a finger soon   the smart ring

If talking into a smartwatch feels a little too much like Star Trek, then stop reading now.  The next fashion item to be smartified is the…wait for it, a ring. Really. Apparently, there are lots of us who complain about our sleep but a company called Oura have the answer: a smart ring, made from zirconium. To be fair, if the Kickstarter project is anything to go by, lots of people agree as it has raised almost quadruple its goal.

The ring has sensors built into it that can measure various things such as body temperature, movement, and heart rate. With the associated app, this data can then be plotted onto a swanky looking graph and your sleeping problems identified. During the day the ring is also able to monitor movement and act as a pedometer, providing the usual health stats (distance, calories, step count etc).

The ring has a teeny weeny 40mAh battery, capable of being charged in less than an hour and holding enough juice for 3 days. It is also scratch and waterproof. RRP will be $299 once it is released, but slightly cheaper early bird options are still available. Shipping is expected to be in November. I look forward to the smart ear-stud or nose-ring sometime soon…

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