Three saves customers £1.3 billion

If you’ve been abroad lately you’ll probably have that text message arrive when you land…

Calls will cost a crazy amount here, texts will be just about bearable, but please don’t even think about using data unless you want to re-mortgage your house.

Sure, some networks are doing special packages now. They might let you use unlimited calls and texts for a certain amount or you might get a certain amount of data. Trouble is, sometimes this involves a bit of advanced planning as you’ll need to set it up before you go and… to be honest, why can’t it just be cheap without having to faff around?
Three saves customers £1.3 billion
That’s where Three, who have promised me a holiday on the Gold Coast of Australia (one of their “Feel at Home” destinations) to test their system, come in. Just by being a Three customer you can head out to America, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway and many other countries WITHOUT having to worry about your allowances. When you’re in one of their locations you can use your phone just like you do at home. All your allowances will be the same, whether you’re in Birmingham UK or Birmingham Alabama.

So far Three gave saved their customers a whopping £1.3 billion in the two years that the system has been in operation, with customers saving £330 per year on average.

Three tell us that the average customer uses 500MB abroad, so from that you can tell just how bobbins some of the existing “50MB per day” roaming packages are.