Fossil to launch an Android Wear watch.

Fossil to launch an Android Wear watch.

Founded in 1985, Fossil recently announced that they were teaming up with chipmaker Intel, which could mean only one thing. The company was looking into a smartwatch.

Well at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2015. it was announced that Fossil will release its first fashion smartwatch, an as-yet-unnamed Android Wear device, and due to be released in October 2015.

Greg McKelvey, Fossil Group’s Executive Vice President, also showed off a connected bracelet (isn’t that a fitness tracker?) and a connected watch (not an Android Wear device, it seems).
Fossil to launch an Android Wear watch.

The Android Wear watch does look a lot like a silver Moto 360 including the “flat tyre” at the bottom, which I thought manufacturers would have done away with completely by now.

We have no news on pricing as yet but as always if we do we’ll get back to you .

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