EE launch Euro Data Pass

Going abroad this summer and want to share photos on Facebook and brag to your friends on social media?

Before now data roaming on EE was not the cheapest offer around and either lead to people picking up a local SIM card or … turning data off all together.

Well today EE launch Euro Data Pass which, for £3 a day, gives customers a days worth of internet to keep in touch with everyone.

For £3 customers on EE Extra plans get 100MB at full speed service (including 4G if available) and then when that runs you you get the option in 50MB blocks to keep using data at a slower speed.

This lower speed will still allow apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on but not work for streaming like YouTube.

Anyone on EE Extra already gets calls and texts included so the £3 is for data access.

Not on an Extra plan? Not to worry, for £4 a day you get calls, texts and data for the day just like an Extra customer gets.

EE launch Euro Data Pass

To access this new service text EURODATA to 150 and it will be added to your account all ready for when you decide to go abroad.

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