I’m raving, I’m bathing.

Im raving, Im bathing.

If you want some tunes in a nice relaxing bath or you want to swim around to your favourite tracks, this floating Bluetooth speaker is just your thing.

It costs £24.95 from Prezzybox and supplies 4 hours of music. The floater works with any Bluetooth device and will happily bob along on the surface of the water to blast out music as you enjoy a swim or a bubble bath. You’ll just need to ensure that you keep it within 10 metres of your smartphone of other playback device. The speaker itself kicks out 3W of power but you need to ensure that it’s not completely submerged. It measures 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 8 cm.
Im raving, Im bathing.
Not only that, but because it’s waterproof you can safely take it camping or anywhere else outside without it getting damaged in the summer downpours. Call this summer eh? Pah!

Head to the product page to rave while you bathe.