Pebble Time gets new update

For those of us who are sporting Pebble’s latest E-ink wonder, Thursday morning heralded a little surprise. Pebble’s app for Android prompted me to download and install a new update for my watch.

Pebble Time gets new update

Here is what Pebble have to say about the new software…

Today’s update makes vibration intensity and font sizes in notifications, layouts, and other areas of the system adjustable from the original defaults.

So if you are a Pebble Time user then you should now be able to see the screen more easily thanks to the increased font sizes.

Pebble Time gets new update

Also, there is a setting to allow you to increase the intensity of the backlight to blinding!

Pebble Time gets new update

I’ll be honest. I am struggling to notice the difference it has made apart from some of the icons being slightly tweaked. That, and it does seem to be slightly brighter.

Anyhow, it is always good to see that updates are still coming to the watch as it is due for release into the market very soon.

We will have our long-term test results up on the site soon, so if you are on the fence then check the review out here.


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