Hey Cortana, you’ve got a leaky APK

If you’re an Android user and want to play around with the Windows assistant that is Cortana, you can now download the leaked APK and sideload it here.

Hey Cortana, youve got a leaky APK

The voice assistant, which you’ve probably seen on adverts, may or may not be better than Google Now / Siri depending on your preference. Truth be told, this has leaked out early, and shouldn’t be arriving in Google Play until July 29th. It’s an early version but seems to work well and the guys from ArsTechnica have already got it to remind them to get drugs..

Hey Cortana, youve got a leaky APK

It delivers a familiar Windows-style UI and can transcribe your spoken words into texts and email, or just remind you to get a loaf of bread on the way home.

So, if you fancy it, give it a spin here. Or you could just wait for a week when it’ll officially arrive.
Hey Cortana, youve got a leaky APK

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