SanDisk puts a tiny portable WiFi storage drive in your pocket

Handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S6 have now done away with microSD cards, so you generally have to stump up for the on-board storage you need when you purchase a phone. However, despite all the cloud solutions floating around, many still want to be able to transfer pictures to their own local storage.
SanDisk puts a tiny portable WiFi storage drive in your pocket
Yes, it’s possible via a cable, Bluetooth or perhaps even emailing it to yourself, but this could be an ideal solution if you want more. It’s a “Wireless Flash Drive” and basically consists of up to 128GB of portable storage which is accessible over a local WiFi hotspot or a USB connection. It’ll also stream movies and TV content too, so if you’ve got something saved it’ll push it to three devices at one time for 4.5 hours.

A SanDisk Connect app, available for Android and iPhone lets you manage the content easily and you can also auto-backup photos and videos too.

Noticeably smaller than usual wireless storage solutions, this supports up to 8 devices and you can get it from various stores in various sizes. What’s unfortunate is that, just like the phones, you can’t put a microSD card in yourself to expand it. Also rather confusing is the fact that both the 16GB and 32GB version is £39.99 on Amazon. The 64GB version is £58.99 and we can’t find the 128GB version on any of the sites they sent us. We eventually stumbled across one on myMemory for £81.25, but it’s out of stock.

Either way, here’s a little video or two, and you can get the full press release below.