Vodafone offer up the S6 edge – 32GB version

This is the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge on Vodafone. It was, until recently, the lowest capacity version on the network and would’ve set you back £41 per month with £149 up-front. That’ll get you 500MB data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes.
Vodafone offer up the S6 edge   32GB version
However, if you want to spend a bit less and have a bit less storage (don’t forget that the S6 and S6 edge handsets don’t have any microSD slots), the S6 32GB version is now available on Vodafone. The minimum price is still the same per month (£41), but the up-front cost is £99. This’ll get you the same deal (500MB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts).

It’s a slim saving, and I’d personally recommend having as much storage as you can, but it’ll save you £50 up-front.

If you want to take a look at the S6 and the S6 edge, have a look at our up-close gallery.