Is that a PC in your pocket? Or are you just pleased to see me?

Is that a PC in your pocket? Or are you just pleased to see me?

Archos are the latest company to enter into the pocketable PC craze. Intel got the ball rolling with their Compute Stick built around their Quad-core Atom processor and then Lenovo threw their hat into the ring to follow Intel’s lead. Well now Archos have built their own and, arguably, have come up with the best looking solution!

The Archos PC Stick shows off all the same specifications of the Intel and Lenovo efforts but comes in cheaper than both their rivals while looking better. Not a bad effort from everyone’s favourite French hardware manufacturers. Plug the device into any HDMI port and you’ve got yourself a PC, connect a mouse and keyboard over USB or Bluetooth and you’re away! Archos also mention that control applications on iOS and Android can also be used so turn your smartphone into a gamepad!

Personally I am looking forward to downloading Steam onto this and, through Home-Streaming, playing my PC games on the TV in my lounge.

The Archos PC Stick will go on sale in the UK soon for £79.

This entire article is a bad attempt at getting my Lego-related joke published.
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