Fancy a second hand device? Try Envirofone

You know about Envirofone. You send them your old handset, they give you money.

What happens after that? Well, I can tell you. The phones either get resold or broken down for minerals and plastic granulation. 
Fancy a second hand device? Try Envirofone

Who buys the phones? Well, you guys can. Head to the Envirofone Shop and you can get second-hand phones which have been professionally refurbished and come with a 6 month warranty. Some are still locked, but that’s an easy enough obstacle to overcome. Also, the price of the handset depends on the condition. If it has a few scratches then it’ll be cheaper. As an example, a “B rated” iPhone 6 Plus (16GB Three model) is £540, and a 16GB EE iPhone 6 is £429

You can also get a HTC One M8 for £250 or a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge (32GB on Voda) for £530, plus more besides.

Yes, they might still seem a bit expensive, but do the maths – a “B” rated iPhone 6 is £540, which would be £22.50 per month if you paid for it over 2 years. Add a SIM-only deal onto that and you could be quids in.