The daddy of remote-controlled cars

Remember this scene from Tomorrow Never Dies? Bond drove his utterly fugly BMW 750i (worst Bond car, ever) with his Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Oh how we laughed.

Wait though, because it’s now actually possible. Jaguar have a Land Rover that you can control with your smartphone. It’s a demo vehicle at the moment, so don’t go to your local Jaguar dealership to try and buy one just yet. The smartphone app lets you steer, accelerate and brake, plus you can switch from high to low range.
The daddy of remote controlled cars
It’s not quite James Bond though, because you can only make the car do 4mph. It’s basically designed for you to hop out of the vehicle, walk alongside it and park it in tight spots or get through challenging tasks. In all honesty, if this sort of “driverless” vehicle is allowed, you’ll probably just see someone trying to reverse it out of a space because they’re completely unable to reverse a car properly.

Here’s a video of the smartphone-controlled Land Rover in action..

More details in the press release below. Jaguar, if you’re listening, I’m also quite happy to test the F-Type whenever you have one spare.

By the way. I reckon this bloke secretly wants to be James Bond, but JLR have made him wear a mad hi-vis jacket. Booooo…

The daddy of remote controlled cars