Smart Clock – Sync your life with your bedside buddy

You might think that I’m a gadget monster. You could believe that my house is a computer-controlled ultra-modern home which does everything for me.

Not a bit of it. I’m a deeply disorganised and forgetful individual who tends to work far too much and I run out of time to sort out the daft little things. Take, for example, my alarm clock. It’s a cheap piece of tat that I bought from Tesco some years ago. No matter how many times I read the manual, there seems to be no way of turning off the alarm with a button. You either have to snooze it, switch it to “radio off” or turn the volume down. For the last 4 years I’ve just turned down the volume every morning and then turned it back up at night.
Smart Clock   Sync your life with your bedside buddy

Oh, and don’t tell me to use my phone as an alarm. Any smartphone or tablet gets turned off overnight. I’m not having my precious sleep interrupted by some random notification telling me about additional coins.

Then I saw this. Well. I say I “saw it”. Truth is, some PR company sent it to me and said, “Look at this. Pimp it on Coolsmartphone or we’re taking your ale.” It’s called the Smart Clock, and is available from Giftzone for £15.95. Makes an ideal Fathers Day gift this. Ideal. (HINT)

It’s no normal alarm clock. No. This will synchronise with the calendar on your phone via Bluetooth. Stick it on your bedside cabinet or on the desk at work. It’ll then store two alarms – a general reminder and a birthday reminder. It’ll wake you up and shows the date and time (obviously). The Smart Clock also has a night light and a snooze button.

The clock needs 2 x AAA batteries (not included) and you can grab one here.

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