Hey you. We want you. We do.

Hey you. We want you. We do.
Welcome to Monday my friends. This is the day you dreamed of. That horrible weekend is over and now you’re back to school, work or college. It’s fun times baby.

If you, like me, like to waffle on about phones, accessories, networks, data plans, tablets, apps, services and everything in-between then I could just have something to fill those weekends and evening for you.

Over in the corner of the Coolsmartphone office, behind a mass of phone boxes and with his own lighting rig, photo studio and podcast recording booth, is a man responsible for a huge swathe of reviews. James, aka jp_hero, has also headed up our rather splendid podcast but he’s off to pastures new soon and we’re still waiting for the regulation “goodbye cakes” that he needs to buy for us all.

Without James, there’s going to be a huge hole in our hearts and an even bigger one in our news posting and reviews team. So, have a look at this Blackberry Passport review. Drink in those pictures. Read the detail and ask yourself if this is something you can do.

Can you help us out? Can you dive in with quick-fire, accurate and well-written news posts alongside in-depth opinion, feature and review posts?

If so, get in touch with me right now. I’m on the hunt for someone who wants to expand their profile, giving up a little free time here and there for this insanity so that you can perhaps play with the latest phones, accessories or attend launch events with free drinks and silly little food.