Android M overview on Nexus 5

Android M overview on Nexus 5

Last week Google I/O happened and Google announced Android M to the world. This week I have been testing Android M on the Nexus 5 and I am actually using it as my daily driver (brave/stupid time will tell).  Here is a brief overview of the big changes that I have noticed so far. I am coming into this as a regular user of Nexus phones not a developer.

The biggest things I have noticed is that at the moment Android wear is not stable and it drops the connection with the my Smartwatch 3 when ever I get a call coming into the the phone, and whilst getting directions on Google Maps.

I really like the Dark theme you can now use in the setting’s menu. And i find the quick settings access to the Wifi control and Bluetooth control much easier to us than on Lollipop.

The biggest feature that is missing is the new Now on Tap feature I mentioned a few days ago and this was disappointing as I was keen to play with this.

Their are some other features I have not had a chance to play with yet such as Multi window mode as this is most likely best suited to a tablet than the Nexus 5. I have high hopes for this as it is a really useful mode and something I do use on my Remix Ultra tablet more and more.

At the moment I have not done much in the way of testing on the Camera but I have heard encouraging reports that this has been improved so it will be interesting to test this out.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the improvements that I have been able to see in this Android M preview and it gives me hope for the eventual release of the new OS. I will get you some more info on the preview after i have spent some more time with it,as this will be continually developed until the final roll out. The final question that is on everyones lip’s is what will it be called? Answers on a postcard  please…

If you have any questions or want me to try something let me know and i will see what i can do just drop them in the comments below.

Update during the time taken to upload the hand’s on video I have managed to drop my Nexus 5 and i now have a duff screen. DOH so I will try and get it fixed soon.