Tesco Mobile proper sticks the boot into Three

Tesco Mobile proper sticks the boot into Three

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Yesterday we detailed the move by Three to tweak their terms and conditions and allow mid-contract price hikes. Now Tesco Mobile, an MVNO running on O2, have given us their take on all this.

Other networks have “amended” their terms and conditions to allow increases in line with the RPI rate (Retail Price Index) and, unsurprisingly, the toothless Ofcom are allowing all this. Three, rather unfortunately, are getting it in the neck quite a bit because they have quite an avid fan-base of customers who are happy with the coverage and data plans, but Tesco, who do SIM-only deals and phones too, have told us..

As a network we believe customers should never have to face unexpected costs. Our Tariff Promise is a commitment never to raise core tariff prices mid-contract, and we’ve offered this for the last three years. There is no reason for a network to break its pledge to customers and we intend to continue honouring our promise.

Ooooff… meow! 🙂

Tesco will knock out a 3GB-per-month SIM-only deal for £15 on an 18-month plan. That’ll get you 3000 minutes and 5000 texts too. THey also tell me that they do capped contracts and… what am I ? A PR machine for Tesco??

Dear Tesco, could you send the 24 cans of lager to my home address? Thanks. If you could deliver on Friday at 8PM that’d be great as we have a party going on.